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Our Ministries

CIM is advancing God’s kingdom in Africa through the following ministries:

Shilo Center    The Shilo Center is under construction in Nyangezi, a town in eastern Congo.  The center will be a training facility able to accommodate 500 people for conferences and seminars.  The training seminars will better equip the present pastors and leaders to lead their congregationsand their communities and fulfill their leadership roles.


The Shiloh Center under construction in Nyangezi


Counseling     CIM is working with Crisis Care (a U.S. based organization). to provide training to native professional counselors and leaders. This will better prepare them to provide much needed counseling and therapy to raped and abused women, war child soldiers, narcotic abused and all kind of trauma


Clinique de Nyangezi    CIM has built a medical facility in Nyangezi with a maternity unit, operating suite, and general treatment rooms.  Treatment is reserved for orphans, abused women and families of poverty and provided at minimal cost.  Supplies and medical equipment, such as an ultrasound machine and operating table, have been donated and allow for modern medical treatment.
       Dr. Buhendwa, Dr.Bora , and Dr Roy Mwambusa are working full-time at the clinic. They are helped by 6 nurses and many care givers.

Kurt and me in Nyangezi 094.JPG  Clinique de Nyangezi,  is led by Dr Vicent Buhendwa, Dr. Bora Bungilila, Dr Roy Mwambusa, and 6 nurses

Talking Bibles distribution


Kurt Poll a board member of CIM distributing talking Bibles with Jeannette in the remote area of NYangezi in Congo

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