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About Congo International Ministries

CIM was founded by Dr.Florimond Kabanda in 2004.  Florimond is a native of Democratic Republic of Congo and was a human rights activist there for over 10 years before he fled to the United States in 1993.  For the safety of his family he came to Michigan, not knowing anyone and very little English.  Since being in the U.S he has become a U.S. citizen, earned a Master’s Degree in Ministry Leadership from Cornerstone University and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Madison University.  He also has a Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology.  He was a professor at Grand Valley University and a visiting professor at the Evangelical Seminary in Kigali, Rwanda.
CIM exists to advance God’s Kingdom in Africa through:

Dr flo.jpg

Dr. Florimond Nyamoga Kabanda

--Evangelism and Church Planting
We are active in planting true Bible believing churches after evangelizing and distributing The Treasure (audio Bibles).  We are also committed to raising new leaders and well-trained pastors.
Two Bible churches have already been planted in Nyangezi and two in Bukavu with Pastor David Namunya.  Pastor Namunya also works as a House Representative in South Kivu’s  parliament.  600 believers are now worshipping the Lord and lifting up our Savior Jesus Christ in the village of Nyangezi that were formerly worshipping idols. More than 200 churches have been planted by our partners Pastor Runiga of Kinshasa and Reverend Nsembe of Masina.

baker nyangezi.jpg

Pastor Baker from Jenison Bible church at the local Nyangezi Bible church in Congo

--Pastor Training and Conferences
A leadership training center, called the Shiloh Center, is being constructed in Nyangezi.  At the Shiloh Center, pastors and social workers will be able to attend conferences and receive training.  The center will be able to accommodate 500 leaders. 

Training Seminars:  During our lecture style training seminars, leaders and pastors are given the opportunity for ministry development that is based on sound Biblical teaching.  The curriculum we have developed offers a balance of interactive teaching sessions, spiritual growth activities, personal fellowship and Biblical exposition.

shiloh bon.jpg

The Shiloh training center under construction in Nyangezi

The training seminars are designed to enable individuals and groups to get to know God through His Word (the Bible), execute their purpose, and fulfill their God given gifts.  Pastors and leaders will be given tools that will allow them to:
1.  Study the Bible for themselves
2.  Advance the kingdom of God
3.  Identify their gifts, talents, and abilities
4.  Ignite their passion
5.  Cultivate positive relationships
6.  Discover keys to leading others
7.  become accountable to themselves and those they are leading
8.  Engage in effective communication and conflict management
9.  Lead with integrity
10.  Become true followers of Jesus Christ

Leadership training.jpg

Agroup of Pastors and church leaders from Grand Rapids and Indian heading to Congo for a leadership training



--Literature and Audio Bibles
CIM has been instrumental in translating and recording new languages for audio Bibles called The Treasure.  Hundreds of these audio Bibles have been distributed to rural areas in Congo to people unable to read.  With these audio Bibles in their own native language they are able to hear the Word of God.

TKB distibution.jpg

Dr Florimond distributing Talking Bibles (treasures) in Nyangezi, a village of Congo

 --Christ’s Love in Humanitarian Aid
CIM has been able to show the love of Christ through:

  ~~Food distribution to the Pygmy people
  ~~Buying generators for remote villages 
  ~~Building a medical clinic in Nyangezi
  ~~Counseling for abused women
  ~~Planning for well drilling to provide safe drinking water

Surgery nyangezi.jpg

Dr Buhenda, Dr Bora and Dr Roy perfoming surgery at Nyangezi clinic


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