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Needed Support for CIM

CIM is a non profit charitable organization.  Your gifts are tax deductible.  100% of your gifts are used for ministry in Africa.  No administrative or overhead costs are taken from your charitable gifts.  The living and travel expenses of Dr. Kabanda are provided for by previous donors.

Please prayerfully consider helping CIM in one or more of the following ways:

  • Pray for the ministries and services in which CIM is involved.
  • Donate to purchase The Treasure audio bibles.  ($40 provides God's word to an illiterate family).
  • Donate towards medical supplies or the doctor's salary ($300 per month) at the Clinique de Nyangezi.
  • Invite CIM to your church to talk about what God is doing through the organization to further God's kingdom in Congo.
  • Donate towards the completion of the Shiloh Training Center construction.

Please select your option:

Check or Money Order

Make Check Payble to:
Congo International Ministries
749 Lamoreaux Dr.
Comostock Park, MI 49321

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